Defining the learning needs for the Disability Sector

The disability sector is changing. Services are changing and the needs and expectations of people who use these services are changing. These changes require new and enhanced skills and knowledge from workers and managers.
field is a not for profit learning and development organisation that receives funding through the Department of Human Services to provide learning and development support and opportunities for disability Community Service Organisations (CSOs). field has engaged Optin Solutions to undertake a Learning Needs Analysis:
• to provide greater insight into the learning and development requirements of disability CSOs within the Victorian disability sector in light of the significant changes that are currently occurring in the disability space.
• for field to be more informed with an evidenced based plan to develop future learning activities in 2013/2014.
Through a series of forums and a questionnaire we aim to capture input from the varied service types (accommodation, attendant support, day services etc.) and take into consideration the views of a wide range of stakeholders:
• People with disabilities
• Carers and supporters
• Direct support workers
• Front line managers
• Senior managers
Input from each stakeholder group will assist with informing the current and future learning and development requirements of CSOs.
Your participation will greatly assist to identify specific learning and training needs.

The Questionniare
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