Training Actions Project - Workforce Victoria

The Industry Workforce Development Strategy Training Actions Project delivered 10 Training Action Forums in regional centres aroung Victoria from March - May 2011.

The Training Action Forums were conducted in four regions of the state:

  • North East - Aged care, construction and manufacturing
  • Ballarat - Manufacturing
  • East Gippsland - Manufacturing (Food), Construction (Civil and Building), Transport and Logistics
  • Great South Coast- Manufacturing (Food), Agriculture (Dairy), Forestry (Timber) and Transport & Logistics

Developing the knowledge and skills of the workforce drives and underpins business success.
Training and development of management and staff is an integral part of workforce development. Skill shortages are likely to be a fact of life for many industry sectors and these shortages are often amplified in regional centres.
Attraction &recruitment, retention, training and planning & development are the four cornerstones of workforce development.  Making the most of the existing workforce through the expansion and refinement of their skills and knowledge is the “low hanging fruit” of workforce development.  It is within the capability of every business to do something about skill development. But such efforts will be limited without vision, leadership and coordination.  Co-ordination is too important to leave to chance.

To fully realise the social, economic and environmental benefits of our significant investment in vocational education and training, we must communicate and engage the wider local stakeholders in vocational education and training: businesses, local government, Registered Training Organisations and service providers.  Regional Victoria aspires to have innovative and growing economies with a skilled workforce, high quality and accessible training, and well informed decision makers. The ‘Training Action Networks’ strategy aims to build a strong, open relationship between business, training providers and supporting stakeholders.