Analysis of the Student Cohort

At the end of June 2010 the project has recruited 40 students, 3 have withdrawn from study and one has completed his Diploma of Logistics.
The largest grouping of students is in the 40-49 age group (34%) with a further 8% being over 50 years.
Seventy-one percent of students are over 30 years, only one student is less than 24 years of age. This reflects the aims of the program to target existing workers with experience in the industry who are seeking to consolidate their informal learning and advance their technical skills.
The student cohort is predominantly male, with females making up only 10% of the cohort.
No of Companies
The 40 students come from 25 companies.
Two groups are company specific. Six students from a variety of Toll companies form a separate group in West Australia and another seven students from Toll companies form another group in Victoria.