Care Planning Learning Materials for DHS

Optin Solutions worked closely with the Integrated Care Branch of the Victorian Department of Health to review and revise learning materials developed for training in the Competency Unit ‘Implement goal directed care planning’ (CHCCM702A) from the CHC08 Community Services Training package. The training materials and resources in this competency have direct relevance to a wide range of practitioners within settings in the Health and Community Services area including:

  • Aged Care Assessment Services
  • Child Protection – Case management
  • Community Health – Allied Health
  • Acute Services –Allied Health & HARP
  • Disability Services – Case management
  • General Practice – Practice Nurse  
  • Home and Community Care – Assessment
  • Mental Health – Assessment & Case management
  • Social Housing – Assessment & Case management

In doing this, Optin Solutions produced:

  • A learning resources booklet based on three learner guides which were re-edited from a previous version including reworking of grammar and content, and finding and deleting duplicate content. • A sample training plan which can be modified to suit the trainer or facilitator’s specific needs
  • Power point presentations for each of the training sessions. The materials in the training program assist participants to develop the knowledge and skills required to plan care for clients through the provision of services and resources aimed at maximising and enhancing client independence and quality of life. This supports front line practitioners and managers to deliver quality outcomes for clients and carers.

In January Optin facilitated a Community of Practice, on behalf of the CS&H ITB and DHS, for RTOs who will be delivering the training.