Mentor Support for Apprentices

Optin Solutions is providing project management for Primary Skills Victoria for its Apprenticeship Mentoring Program in Victoria. The Mentoring Program is funded through the Commonwealth’s Australian Apprenticeships Mentoring Program.
The Mentoring Program seeks to improve Australian Apprenticeship retention rates through targeted mentoring and assistance to 360 Australian Apprentices working in the primary and food industries. The Mentoring Program is targeted first year apprentices working in agriculture, horticulture, forestry, food processing and aquaculture and fishing. The first year of training has been identified as a key period when Australian Apprentices are most at risk of withdrawing.

Optin Solutions provides project management, staff recruitment and oversight, strategic project development, staff training, collection and analysis of all project data relating to deliverables, report writing and liaison with the Commonwealth department.

Program Objectives

The PSV Mentor Program aims to increase the retention rates of apprentices in the early stages of their training in order to improve completion rates and support the supply of skilled workers to the sector.

The free service offered by the Apprenticeship Mentoring program is designed to assist apprentices to adjust to the expectations of work and training by providing a supportive network. PSV has long known that apprentices are more likely to go on and complete their apprenticeship if given appropriate support.

The benefit of this free service is that apprentices now have someone who can assist them in their career development outside of their employment relationship.
Having an PSV Apprenticeship mentor will be like each apprentice having their own sounding board who will provide assistance either directly or by referral to professional agencies in a wide range of areas.

Services available:
- Career and training information
- Apprenticeship support services
- Monitoring of apprentices at risk of leaving their job
- Information and advice of where to receive help for personal issues