Consulting work and projects

Optin Solutions has been operating as a workforce development consultancy for the past ten years. It is a small company, essentially Brian Spencer and Geoff Sheehan and some talented friends (which sounds a whole lot better than associates). We have a broad and long association with the community services sector but have also proved that we have got the ability to work in a wide range of industries.

We are a couple of knock about blokes in open neck shirts, with an enormous capacity for work and the ability to see the funny side of everything, even while working on some very serious projects. When not writing reports Brian likes to fancy himself as winemaker and sometime pool player. Geoff imagines himself as a great drummer and if you are ever in Footscray on a Saturday night, there’s a chance you’ll see him and his band playing at one of the local pubs.

We are both passionate about people and jobs, learning, reflecting on why things work and don’t work, and about the relative merits of skills, structures and strategies and their importance for effective programs, workplaces and happy people. We have successfully run large Commonwealth and State government projects, worked internationally in partnership with TAFEs, and undertaken strategic business planning for community service organisations; but are just as happy working one-on-one doing workplace coaching and RPL.

In our late fifties, we finally figure we can integrate the theories we’ve learnt in school with the things we've learnt in life to give us a deeply pragmatic approach to the key aspects of our consultancy and project work i.e analysis, insight, strategy and communication.

In the more formal language of those who would like it so, here’s what we do and if you click on a link in the Projects Menu you can see a little of what we’ve done.